1. Arkansas Became a State - America's Library


    Arkansas Became a State June 15, 1836 Arkansas became the 25th state of the United States on June ... They had a thriving culture along the Mississippi and Arkansas ...

  2. Statehood Dates - States and Capitals


    State Name Statehood Date/Order Pre ... 1867, until it became an organized territory ... that continued for some years to use an Arkansas abbreviation ...

  3. When Kansas Became a State - Kansas Historical Society


    When Kansas Became a State. Spring 1961 (Vol. 27, No. 1), ... The Topeka State Record carried the news on the same date in a column headlined "Kansas Admitted."

  4. Arkansas - Wikipedia


    Slavery became a wedge issue in Arkansas, ... the Arkansas state legislature enacted a bill that adopted an official pronunciation of the state's name, ...

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    How and when did Arkansas become a state? Read through this brief Arkansas history timeline to ... Making a State. ... Arkansas became a territory with Arkansas Post ...

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    ... States, and Cities United States of America Arkansas What is the date Arkansas became a state? What would you like to do? ... What is the date Texas became a state?

  7. Arkansas Became a State - America's Library


    Arkansas Became a State June 15, 1836 Arkansas, rich in cotton ... such as the siege of Fayetteville. Years of racial segregation ended in Arkansas in 1957, ...

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    The state became famous for its political leadership, including President Bill Clinton ... Arkansas became a military territory under General Edward Ord.

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    A slave state, Arkansas became the ninth state to secede from the union and join the Confederate States of America. ... Date of Statehood: June 15, 1836. Capital: ...

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    7/4/2013 · The Day Alaska Became a State. By Jana Ariane Nelson - July 4, ... On that date, the Alaska Statehood ... she officially became a state on January 3, ...

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